Over 60 years of Engineering Excellence


Dennison Trailers is a leading manufacturer in both the UK and Ireland dominating the container transport sector. We are also experiencing significant growth in other markets including construction, timber, steel and oil industries.

In Ireland, Dennison is the market leader in the supply of tipping trailers and in the UK, we dominate the skeletal trailer market. We are also experiencing rapid growth in sales of curtainsiders, platform and trombone trailers and our range of machinery carriers.

Throughout our history, we have been an innovative company, with continuous research and development being at the core of the business.

In 1977, Dennison Trailers became the first and only company in Ireland to develop and manufacture our own tractor units, producing 250 Dennison trucks over four years at a site in Co. Dublin.

In 2002, we developed the unique sliding tipper trailer concept. Designed to benefit operators currently running 8 x 4 rigid tippers, the sliding tipper offers higher payload, greater fuel efficiency, more flexibility in operation and considerably greater manoeuvrability on site, including sites where access and space are limited.

The outstanding success of the sliding tipper in the Irish market has led to the development of a range of sliding bogie trailers for the construction industry, including the sliding mixer and sliding brick and block carriers.

You can find out more about our history as seen in Irish Vintage in June 2018.

Please see our history timeline below for a summary of the significant events and milestones over the last 50 years.