Revolutionising Transportation: Hayton Coulthard’s Commitment to Quality Trailers

Dennison Trailers takes pride in its continuous dedication to delivering high-quality trailers that last for Hayton Coulthard.

Our commitment drives us to craft trailers that prioritise both the driver’s requirements and the seamless journey ahead.

Dennison Trailers has been building high-quality trailers for over 50 years, with a passion for engineering excellence, continuous product development, and the highest standards of customer service.

Hayton Coulthard, founded in 1916, stands as the oldest and largest, award-winning haulage firm in Scotland. With over a century of steadfast presence in the industry, we truly understand the importance of durable trailers.

We secured their business through persistent efforts and long-term engagement, ultimately leading to their initial order. Eventually, they returned as a valued customer, and most recently placed an additional order for ten curtainsiders.

We value their feedback and are grateful for their insights!

“Hayton Coulthard Transport Ltd has a variety of different customers spanning the length and breadth of the UK.

Our company policy is to purchase and retain trailers for a decade on long-distance operations. As such, we seek robust and durable trailers capable of carrying a variety of product loads, ranging from food to work in the construction industry.

In 2022 we placed a large order with Dennison Trailers. The process, from start to finish, was seamless.

Our commitment extends to providing the best equipment available for our drivers. The feedback has been excellent, it was an easy decision to place another order for a further batch of 10 trailers. The trailers are currently on build/order from Dennison Trailers and are due to be delivered in October 23.”

– Duncan Coulthard, Managing Director