Finance & Lease

Dennison Trailers can provide all of our customers with competitive and flexible finance solutions through a leading provider, making trailer acquisition quick and hassle-free.

We specialise in building long-term relationships that can play a key role in your fleet expansion. With multiple funders at our disposal, we can provide multiple credit lines allowing you to grow your Dennison Trailers portfolio through one source.

Facilities start from 1 trailer order with repayment periods from 1 – 7 years so why not arrange a credit line before you order your next Dennison trailer?

Discuss Your Needs

Should you wish to discuss your funding requirements please contact our team:

Tel: 01524 381 808

Email here.

Facilities Available

  • Finance Lease
  • Operating Lease
  • Lease/Hire Purchase
  • Re-Finance existing fleet
  • Part-Ex Finance

What Can We Fund for You?

  • All Makes & Models of Dennison Trailers
  • New & Used
  • Tractor Units