We are delighted to announce a deal with WH Malcolm, a logistics and construction company that operates throughout the UK.

We pride ourself on producing the highest quality trailers, has a customer base that extends across the UK, Ireland, and overseas, and is continually expanding ever further afield.

The deal agreed upon is a substantial win for us here as a leading and respected name within the sector.

Our skeletal trailers are amongst our most popular products, and it is these that WH Malcolm have purchased. This means we are now supplying over 80% of the skeletal trailer market in the UK!

We attribute the popularity of our product to its build quality and performance-focused design. Made with operators in mind, these are robustly crafted for both longevity and minimal maintenance, despite having a markedly low un-laden weight.

Persuaded by the skeletal quality and our unparalleled reputation, WH Malcolm have ordered 45 of these market-leading trailers.

The deal has only recently been finalised, but we are delighted at reaching such a fantastic agreement.

James Dennison, MD at Dennison Trailers said:

“We are delighted to be supplying WH Malcolm with this large order, especially as they are a new addition to the Dennison Trailers client base. Their faith in us and our reputation has been fantastic, and we are happy to have the opportunity to prove the quality of our product to them.”

James went on to add:

“Dennison Trailers always appreciate the chance to create new and lasting collaborations with our clients. Everything we do is with our customers in mind, and we are delighted when such a relationship is built on the back of a deal such as this one.”