Sliding Block Platform Trailer

This Sliding Block Platform Trailer is more than just a flatbed for bricks and blocks; it includes Dennison’s remarkable sliding bogie system, which allows this block carrier to enter and manoeuvre round even the tightest of sites.


  • Roll along crane mounts – chassis is designed to allow a roll along crane to manoeuvre on the top flange for the loading/unloading of bricks and blocks
  • Air operated locking pins – operated via a push/pull button for additional safety
  • Sliding rear platform – can be closed when unloaded for increased manoeuvrability on building sites
  • ENXL certified fixed flush headboard – tested up to 17 tonnes
  • Raised Susie hood – to prevent air/electric Susies from snagging or fowling the corners when in operation

Take a look at our feature video for more: