Sliding Tipper Trailer

The Dennison sliding bogie is a truly innovative tipper that offers remarkable benefits to operators of eight wheel rigids. Dennison sliding bogie tippers save time and money by reducing the number of trips needed to deliver materials to sites – even those with restricted access up to 10 tonne more payload over an 8 wheeler.

They can shed a full metre in length, meaning that when coupled with the flexibility of an artic rig, they can get into places that even eight-wheel vehicles can’t. They carry up to 50% more payload than an eight-wheel tipper, operate legally at 44 tonne G.V.W and can cut fuel consumption by up to 19%.


  • Operates legally at 44 tonne G.V.W
  • Saves on time and fuel costs
  • Slides a full metre for flexibility and manoeuvrability
  • Up to 50% more payload than an equivalent 8-wheeler
  • Added safety feature stops tipping when chassis is in open position
  • Stability tested to 8.5°

Dennison Sliding Tipper

Dennison Sliding Tipper