Tipping Skeletal Trailer

Dennison Tipping Skeletal Trailers are designed for tipping containers of materials such as foodstuffs, scrap and plastic granules. These trailers are available in a wide range of options to suit customer’s individual specifications. Our tipping skeletal trailers are available in the following models:

  • 20′ sliding bogie
  • 30′ fixed
  • 20’/30′ sliding bogie
  • 40′ fixed


  • ADR regs optional – for transportation of hazardous or dangerous liquids
  • V blocks to locate tipping frame – locate lifting frame securely in position
  • Plastic hose tubes – to store discharge hoses safe and secure when not in use
  • Non-retractable screw twist locks – for safety when tipping to avoid container moving

Dennison Tipping Skeletal Dennison Tipping Skeletal