20ft Sliding Bogie Skeletal Tipper Trailer

The Dennison 20ft sliding bogie skeletal tipper trailer has revolutionary design elements to make sure safety and security are paramount.

Every effort has been made to ensure this trailer meets customer needs and is hard wearing and durable through features such as stainless steel wear pads and air operated locking pins.


  • Sliding bogie suitable for 44 tonne G.V.W – to tip container in closed position and fully open to operate a 44 tonne G.V.W
  • Air operated locking pins – parking brake won’t release until pins are in the operating position
  • Revolutionary pin and roller design – both can be changes easily without having to split the complete trailer apart
  • Stainless steel wear pads -alleviates wear and prevents corrosion to chassis
  • Self contained power pack optional – 3 cylinder diesel electric start power pack

Dennison 20ft Sliding Bogie Tipper Skeletal

Dennison 20ft Sliding Bogie Tipper Skeletal