Multi-Function Skeletal Trailer

The remarkable Dennison Multi-Function Skeletal Trailer is designed for ultimate flexibility. It is built to carry two 20′ containers and can be split into two trailers. The driver can disconnect the rear section at one drop and move onto the next – saving time and money. This model is also designed to carry single heavy 20′, 30′, 40′ and 45′ containers.


  • Air operated locking pins – easy to uncouple the front section from the rear
  • Front swap body legs – to stabilise the front when disconnected from tractor unit
  • Trailer designed to split to discharge 2 x 20.5ft containers – meaning that both containers can be loaded/unloaded
  • Multiple twist lock positions – suitable to carry 2 x 20’/ 1 x 20’/ 1 x 30’/ 1 x 45’ containers
  • Rear stabilising legs – for forklift operation when loading container

Dennison Multi Function Skeletal Dennison Multi Function Skeletal